THE Garden

At Rhythm & Vine, we aim to deliver a memorable, fresh backyard party experience with a locally rooted #justchill vibe. The casual garden provides positive and fun energy to spend time with old friends and meet new friends. The environment is an eclectic mix of vintage décor, thrift-store-chic furnishings, large picnic tables, and thoughtful lighting.

It’s a sunshine state of mind when you’re outside in the garden socializing with Rhythm & Vine’s vintage Airstream Bar. Offering handcrafted cocktails, craft beer, and other tasty libations. Local Food trucks rotate throughout the week and provide distinctive menus for every taste.


Contrast to the outdoor garden the Den is a dimly lighted lounge with colorful artwork adoring the walls. The bar is made of repurposed shipping containers. True to the Rhythm & Vine style you will find comfortable thrift store furnishings and eclectic gathering areas to socialize. Local DJ's rotate throughout the week, providing sounds that helps make the chill atmosphere.

whats up


Food Trucks

  • Wednesday

    Pirate Brothers BBQ

  • Thursday

    Wholesome Rollers

  • Friday

    Poblano's Mexican Fusion

  • Saturday

    Nacho Bizness

    The Original Greek

  • Sunday

    Tony Waffles

    Tony Waffles

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Business Hours

WED-THUR 5pm - 1am

FRI 5pm - 3am

SAT 2pm - 3am

SUN 2pm - 10pm

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